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The item shown below is now available through the Chapter 54 Special Forces Association Quartermaster Store. To order an item contact Ken Gingras at lknhousemaster@aol.com.

"Graduate US Army Foreign Weapons School"

T-Shirt US Army Foreign Weapons School

The black cotton shirt is embroidered as:

Graduate US Army
Foreign Weapons School

Members and Guests are welcome to purchase a shirt(s) on a first come, first served basis for we only have 48 shirts for sale at this time. The shirts cost $14.50 to produce and we are charging $25.00 plus Priority Shipping cost between $6.50 & $7.00. After paying for the cost of the shirt, we will realize a profit of $10.50. The profit from the sale of the shirt will be used to support the General Fund of our Treasury.

The General Fund supports Chapter 54 in the following areas:

Mailing Items
Producing Raffle Tickets
Frames for Award Certificates
Sympathy Cards
Web Site Maintenance and Upgrade Cost

Subsidizing the cost of meals - Members of Chapter 54 have enjoyed excellent affordable meals at our annual Cookout and Christmas Party. The cost for meals is normally priced from $30.00 to $38.00 by the vendor.  With a healthy General Fund, we can continue to offer affordable excellent meals for $25.00 - $30.00 per person.  Our attendance at the Cookout and Christmas Party has increased over the past two years by keeping our cost down for all Chapter 54 Members that attend.

The following shirt sizes are for sale:  (inventory as of January 2018)

Six - Small
Six - Medium
Twelve - Large
Twelve - Extra Large
Six - 2 XL
Six - 3 XL

Future orders of shirts will not be made until this inventory has been depleted. Place your order with Ken Gingras by email only at: LKNHOUSEMASTER@AOL.COM


LTC William F. Buckley
Memorial Chapter

Serving Green Berets
in Massachusetts
and Beyond

Special Forces Shoulder Patch




Special Forces Crest

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