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2013 Team Dive and Reunion

Members of ODA 2034 (C Co. 20th Group) and 1111 (A Co. 11th Group) met for their 20th Annual Reunion / Team Dive. This was a tradition started by our predecessors on A/1111 and reinstituted after a short lapse in time now 20 years ago. The reunion roster changes yearly but the core group has stood fast.

Team Dive 2013
Members of Chapter 54 at Annual Team Dive

The group has met in Salem, Massachusetts at Winter Island at Fort Pickering since the beginning. Even during the height of Hurricane Bertha in 97’ there was always a core group who made the reunion. During the deployment years (GWOT) representatives continued to meet and celebrate our service connections.

This year (2013) over 35 Team Mates participated as well as comrades adopted along the way.  “The Reunion” as it was called in the early days has evolved into a weekend of good times with a full service bar and dining tent. The weekend is an opportunity to look back on our times together and now into our future as we all age.

Kevin Paicos with Lobster -2013 Team Dive
Kevin Paicos with his very large lobster

The group has accomplished many service projects at Fort Pickering (the fort dates back to 1799). We have also dedicated and plan to dedicate further memorial plaques to our fellow service members. The mounting of a flagpole on the fort for all the neighboring towns to see was one of our proudest accomplishments. The colors had not been flown on the island for decades.

As many have stated previously you can take the soldier out of the Army but you cannot take the Army out of the soldier. We may be getting gray and losing hair but the passion and drive is every bit as strong as it once was at Camp Mackall. Our hope is that we continue to meet annually even if we have to show up in wheel chairs... hell, we’ll have races to see who is the fastest!


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