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2017 Team Dive and Reunion

On the weekend of July 28- 30, 2017 members of A Company 11th SFG(A) and C Company 20th SFG(A) gathered for their 24th Annual Team Dive / Reunion Weekend at Winter Island Park in Salem, Massachusetts on Fort Pickering. Approximately 30 people attended the weekend activities. Steamers, various barbeque items, and camaraderie filled the weekend.

2017 Team Dive Group Photo
Some of the gang at the 2017 Team Dive / Reunion at Fort Pickering

Under the engineering leadership of SFC (Ret) Jeff Lodge members of Detachment A-111 and Detachment C-2034 have placed and dedicated a flagpole, team plaque, and SF memorial plaque on this revolutionary-era fort overlooking Salem Harbor.

SF Memorial Plaque Fort Pickering, Massachusetts
Special Forces Memorial Plaque at Fort Pickering, MA

Team members came from as far away as Florida to attend. Chapter 54 was represented by several members in attendance to include Colonel (Ret) Dick Nazaro, Major (Ret) Bob Hunt, and others. Individual service members who have passed on were recognized over the weekend to include Chris Piper, Jeff Calero, Billy McIntyre, Hervey Lafond, and recently departed Kevin (Hognose) O’Brien. Many other personal friends were also identified and remembered for their service. In addition to attendance by members of the SF community there were also in attendance members from the 75th Ranger Regiment. Austin (AJ) Moran and John Kelly stormed the beach head and raised the Ranger flag alongside the SF banner. We also had representation from the Marine Corps and former 20th SFG (Alabama) member Jim Hannigan.

2017 Team Dive / Reunion Cookout Area
Cookout area overlooking Salem Harbor, Massachusetts

The bulk of the food preparation was conducted by Mike and Dennis Hill who kept the mob fed and happy. Other members who have attended these reunions and team dives in the past on a regular basis but were unable to attend this year's event were thought of: Bill Fanaras, Carl DeOrio, Scott MacKinnon, Eric Furey, Dave Biron, Dave Grosso, SGM Kim Emerling, and Rich Martin. This annual event has proven its durability over many years to rekindle and foster the spirit we have lived our adult lives by. The individual can leave the teams but the teams never leave the individual.

2017 Team Dive Night Time Activities
The stories got better as the night goes on. "So there I was . . . "

In 2018 we will observe the groups 25th anniversary of celebrating its ties to the nation and each other. Every year the Team Dive and Reunion Weekend draws an eclectic group of individuals for beach activities, diving, beverages, and a non-stop grazing of food. The annual event is an occasion to honor and remember those who have served (or will serve) in the past, present, and future in our armed services.

Dusk approaching at Salem Harbor, Massachusetts
View of Salem Harbor, Massachusetts - Site of 2017 Team Dive / Reunion


Pictures and narrative submitted by Greg "Claw" McKenna.


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