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C-1-20th SFG 2017 Xmas Party

Company C, 1st Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group, based in Chicopee, Massachusetts, held its annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 9, 2017 in Hadley, Massachusetts. Several members of Chapter 54 were in attendence - including present members of C-1-20th and some who are now retired from the military.

2017 MSG Les Kennedy Retirement Ceremony
MSG Kennedy retired after 29 years service

A retirement ceremony was held for Chapter 54 member Master Sergeant Les Kennedy. Les is a long-time member of Chapter 54 and is retiring after 29 years in the Army. His initial active duty time was with a Ranger battalion. After his release from active duty he joined the 11th Special Forces Group (Army Reserves) at Fort Devens. When the 11th Group was deactivated he joined the 20th Special Forces Group (Army National Guard). He served two tours in Afghanistan, one tour in Iraq, one in Haiti, and several other long tours in Africa and South America. At the time of his retirement Les was full-time with C-1-20th as the full-time AGR Operations Sergeant.

2017 C-1-20th Xmas Party Chapter 54 Members
C-1-20th had a few tables reserved for those members who are retired
- Jeff Lodge, John Friberg, Kevin Paicos, and Chuck Dillon.

2017 C-1-20th Xmas Party Lodge Paicos
A retired SF Engineer (Jeff Lodge) listens to a retired SF Medic (Kevin Paicos)
explain why Medics are the smartest members of a Special Forces detachment.












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