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Election of Board of Officers


The nomination and election process for the Chapter 54 Board of Officers is described here on this webpage. The term of office lasts two years.

Chapter 54 Nomination and Election
Standard Operating Procedure
Effective January 1, 2018

1. The Election Committee will be formed before the end of the current term of the Chapte 54 Board of Officers.

2. Nominee(s) can apply (or be nominated) for the following board positions:

President            -    One Position
Vice President    -    Two Positions
Treasurer           -    One Position
Secretary            -    One Position

3. Nominee(s) must apply between February 1st of the election year and the end of February of the election year. The nominee will submit their name to the election committee. A Chapter 54 member can nominate himself, another member of Chapter 54, or any officer that currently holds a position on the Board of Officers.

4. March 1st of the election year, a ballot will be prepared listing all nominees by position and mailed to everyone that provided an Email or Postal mailing address on the Chapter 54 Roster.

5. The voting period ends NLT the third (3rd) Saturday of March of the election year.

6. The Election Committee Chairperson informs the Chapter 54 Membership of the election results by Email or U.S. Mail NLT the fourth (4th) Saturday of March of the election year.

7. The new Chapter 54 Board will be sworn in the first (1st) Saturday of April of the election year.

8. In the event of a tie for a board position, the nominee(s) will appear at the swearing in ceremony and flip an Anniversary Coin for the final decision. Regimental Crest will be considered HEADS and the Numbered side of the Anniversary Coin will be considered TAILS.

9. All Chapter 54 members will be emailed or mailed the following:

Letter Describing the Nomination Process

 Election Standard Operating Procedure

Nomination Ballot


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